Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance Moisturizer

Dermalogica describes this moisturizer as an ultra-rich phytonutrient moisturizer designed to combat dry skin and reduce the signs of premature aging. Contains no artificial fragrance or color. Which sounds exactly what you would think someone would need if they had dry skin except what it did for me was nothing even close to what it claims.
Dermalogica products are found at many spa and salons as their main skincare line for their clients when they come in for facial treatments. I used to use their skin care line about 4 years ago and was not completely unhappy with the results. However I was never completely blown away with the results considering the price point. For example this moisturizer cost me over $60 Canadian, which is a high price to pay for just one of many face products in your daily routine.
Now I did say I had used their products before so when I went to try their line I thought I knew what I was getting. My friend, who is an esthetician knows my skin well and recommended this product for me. The first day I used it was at night before bed with my new aveeno radiance face wash. The next morning I woke up I could barely open my eyes as they were so swollen. I had to ice them for over an hour so I would be able to go into work without looking like Will Smith in the movie Hitch. Unfortunately when I got to work the girls still thought I got into a fist fight but nevertheless ice and benadryl relieved me enough to get through my day. Now this reaction took about 3-5 days to reverse itself and I assumed it was a combination of the face wash and moisturizer. About a month later I attempted once again to try the moisturizer with a face wash I had been using for long enough to know it would not react. I woke up in the morning with half the reaction I had last time (swollen itchy eyes and red patches around my upper lip area).
In conclusion this moisturizer is not worth the $60+ dollars to try to repair dry skin. When you spend money like that you expect great results and you want to sample it before buying. This line of products is so difficult to sample because there is no department store counter to walk up to. Save your money and keep sampling! Ciao xoxo

A little about me

I thought before I start giving reviews on products you should know some information about me because what works for me may not work for you. My skin type is one that I don't exactly hear about very often from most beauty bloggers because not very many people have to deal with what I do. I have super sensitive extra dry skin (I know I know technically that's not a specific skin type but it's the best way to describe it).
I have had dry eczema prone skin since I was a child. I thought that I grew out of it before I started high school (thank god right?) but it has come back full force! My under eyes, upper lip area and neck are the most sensitive areas at the moment, with dry flaky red patches.
I have been on a mission for the past 3 months to find the best skin and beauty products out there to help heal and cover my problem skin areas. I have found a few that have helped and many that have caused me to wake up with red itchy swollen eyes or just a generalized rash.
This blog is my mission to explore all that I can in the beauty world, because without makeup and beauty products life is so boring, and to report back to you on them in hopes that I can help someone who is in the same situation as me. Hey maybe one of you can help me! Ciao xoxo

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I don't care what you call me, I know I'm beautiful

I don't care what you call me, I know I'm beautiful

Every girl has a thing for beauty. Some don't care at all about what they look like but even they want you to know they chose to do it that way. Others won't leave the house unless they look fantabulous because someone might see them without their face on. Than there is me, I love makeup and beauty products but half the time I could not be bothered to wake up early to do my hair and makeup for work. Some days I can't wait to wake up so I can use my products and try a new look. It doesn't matter what kind of girl you are as long as you realize beauty is from within but I have to say, when you look good you feel good!